Who is the Hockey Guy?

I have always had a passion for sport.  It was always my dream to do it for a living. As I got older, however, I realised that I’m just not quite cut out to be a sport man or athlete and that my talents lay elsewhere.

So, I got into coaching hockey. There is just something about the team aspect that drew me and I wanted to know how to better operate as a team. I wanted to combine my coaching and my tertiary studies to create something I can be proud of. Out of this sprang the idea for The Hockey Guy.

I teamed up with PRINCESS, because with them, there is #noexcuse not to succeed if you commit your blood, sweat and tears. I cannot ask for a better partner.

As always, thank you for your support – and remember, The Hockey Guy is here to deliver the best quality products and the best service, because we are your online solution in hockey equipment.